Elegant Meditation Chairs and Meditation Furniture by Zen By Design Perfect Spinal Alignment is Essential For a Prolonged, Comfortable Meditation Practice

Welcome to Zen By Design.  We are deeply honored by your visit and welcome you to explore our unique and beautiful meditation chair designs.  Zen By Design was established in 2001 with the “soul” intention of bringing more comfort to your meditation practice and tremendously enriching your sitting experience.  We were deeply inspired to create meditation chairs that were not only exceptionally comfortable, but would provide you with a stellar support system that encouraged a longer, more harmonious meditation experience.   We create this stellar support system by incorporating a gentle sacral tilt that initiates perfect spinal alignment at the very base of your spine.  We then integrate an adjustable lumbar support that not only supports your lower back, but it guides your thoracic and cervical spine into proper alignment as well.  Not only do our chairs guide you into perfect spinal alignment, but they maintain this position for you with no effort at all.  A perfectly aligned spine is vital to achieving optimum comfort levels but moreover, a perfectly aligned spine allows the natural Chi Energy to flow freely throughout your body.  For meditation practitioners, this is paramount.

Our philosophy at Zen By Design is to maintain a loving vibrational consciousness.  Having the great honor and privilege of creating something as intimate as a meditation chair for you comes with great responsibility.  Since we are dealing with the spirit so to speak and many of our clients are conscious and sensitive to energy, we make great efforts to maintain harmony within our organization so that loving energy is infused into each and every one of our meditation chairs.  When our customers see their chairs for the first time, they are overwhelmed with the brilliance of their new meditation chair and often moved to tears of gratitude.  We humbly share that we are 100 percent in customer satisfaction since our inception in 2001.

What can you expect in regards to quality?  You can expect the finest quality in the world.  We are very unique in our perspective to quality in today’s world.  When every other furniture business went overseas to outsource their manufacturing for larger profit margins, we felt that this was not the right path for us and especially for you.  Our artisans have shown great loyalty and friendship to us over the years and have grown dependent on the success of our company and we simply didn’t have the heart to take their jobs away from them.  Secondarily, we felt that we would have difficulty maintaining our superior quality standards overseas.  Our exceptionally skilled artisans handcraft every inch of our meditation chairs from solid, hand selected maple wood.  We do not use veneers and we incorporate old-world mortis and tenon techniques to guarantee the product will last forever.  We also handcraft our components and make great efforts to conceal them within the design so that we may enhance the ambiance of the piece.  Our finishes are water based and environmentally friendly.  They are very expensive finishes but it is important to us that our products are non-toxic and safe for you, your children, your pets and your environment.  We do understand that our products are more expensive than others but when it comes to furniture, ergonomics and integrity, we always get what we pay for. 

For those of you who have never experienced a meditation chair and have been meditating on zafus and zabutons, we trust that you will have entered a new reality with our meditation chairs.  Zafus and zabutons are time honored and they do work rather well to an extent but they cannot compare to the levels of comfort that our meditation chairs create.  A zafu will tilt the pelvis and align the spine at it’s base and this may be all that’s necessary for you but if you find yourself slouching and losing form over time, you may need a stronger support system.  A meditation chair may be the perfect solution.  For all of the traditionalists out there, it’s ok to use a chair.  We have created chairs for His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Deepok Chopra and hundreds of Buddhist Masters around the world who may be perceived as traditionalists and this is a good indication to us that dogma of all kinds is losing the stronghold it has had on our planet for thousands of years.  We love the fact that our meditation furniture brings you off the ground a bit higher than a zafu.  By being higher from the ground, you can alleviate stress to your knees and hips.  Our meditation furniture is excellent for most every meditation posture you may prefer: Burmese, Full Lotus or Half Lotus.