"Our Rama Meditation Chairs arrived on Thursday!!!  They are beautiful and not only are they chairs, they are works of art.  We are so grateful. I am in the midst of finishing the creation of our shrine room this morning and I wanted to take a break to let you know that the chairs are everything we hoped for and more.  They are exquisitely comfortable and are obviously crafted with care. And, they carry an energy that adds to our shrine room in wonderfully positive ways."
Susan S. - New York, NY

"The Rama Chair arrived, and it is lovely!  The firm cushions are very supportive, and the lumbar/back cushion makes a huge difference in my posture during meditation.  Thank you for making such a beautiful, as well as functional, meditation chair.  I look forward to using it for many, many years!
Beverly K - Albany, GA

"Zen By Design...It has been such a joy and delight to do business with you.  You have met me with such integrity and open heartedness, no matter how indecisive or unsure I was about my choices.  You stuck with me until it worked and I thank you for that."

Heather - Los Angeles, CA

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for assisting me in acquiring one of your extraordinary Rama Meditation Chairs.  It is GORGEOUS!  So much more comfortable and breathtaking than I had expected.  I am really feeling at a loss for the words to describe just how exquisite this piece of art is.  I will use and cherish this chair forever!  You made this so easy to order, so easy to receive and honestly have been absolutely delighted with your gracious, kind and sincere way of doing business. Thank you very much and I wish you continued years of prosperity in all your endeavors.
Jen G - San Francisco, CA

"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that my wife and I are delighted with our chair.  As with any internet purchase, there are anxious moments where you wonder if the build quality of the product will be as good as you hoped.  We were delighted with every bit of the service provided, from the quality of the chair to the efficiency of service and delivery.  Thank you again for everything."
Pierce B -  Ireland

"I have received my Wandering Monk Chair and it is as comfortable as it is beautiful.....superbly crafted.  Thank you for your excellent service and a fine product."
Simon A - United Kingdom

"Hands down, these are the best meditation chairs we have ever experienced!"
 Carrie J. - San Jose, CA

"We received our Rama Chairs today!  We are really impressed with the beauty, quality and comfort."
 Alex P - Boston, MA

"You are right Zen By Design.  We can feel the love that went into our chairs....we are so pleased."
 Bree L - San Fransicso, CA 

"These are amazing meditation chairs!  Thank you!"
 Heather G - Cleveland, OH

"The Wandering Monk Chair is incredible.  We are so grateful to have crossed paths with you!"
 David A - Los Angeles, CA

"I have never experienced comfort levels like this. Thank you so much for manifesting these designs."
 Mary H - Lincoln, NE

"Thank you Zen By Design! We love our chairs and we love you!"
 Marissa L - New York, NY

"You make the most amazing meditation chairs and you have wonderful customer service."
 Jacob A. - Wilmington, NC

"We love our Rama Chairs.  Zen By Design is the best!"
 Kelly A - Sedona, AZ

"We are thrilled with our new Rama Chairs!"
 Jack C. - Helena, MT

"My favorite meditation chair!" 
 Dr. Andrew Weil

"The Rama Chair is the finest meditation chair in the world."
 Chris L - New York, NY

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 Men’s Health Magazine

"Our Favorite Chair!"
 The Discovery Channel

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 Elle Magazine

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 The New York Times

"Your customer service is the very best!"
Alexi S. - Fort Meyers, FL