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Ergonomics – How do our meditation chairs work and how do they nurture the human body?  Did you know that eighty percent of people will experience back pain throughout the course of their lives?  The main culprit for this is poor posture.  The human back consists of a complex structure of joints, bones, ligaments and muscles. If we are not conscious of healthy posture, we can sprain ligaments, strain muscles, rupture disks, and irritate joints, all of which can lead to severe and debilitating back pain.  Proper posture is so important to everyone however, very few chair designs in the world actually nurture the human body.  For those of us that meditate, perfect posture is paramount for a healthy spine, comfortable and prolonged meditation experiences and perhaps most importantly, for proper Chi energy flow throughout the body.  The primary focus and intention of our chair designs is to bring the spine into proper alignment and we do this by addressing the following:

1. The Cervical Vertebrae
2. The Lumbar and Thoracic Vertebrae
3. The Creation of an Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

The first and most vital aspect of proper spinal alignment must begin at the very base of the spine.  By encouraging the sacrum and pelvis to tilt gently forward, the rest of the spine is encouraged into it’s natural, healthy curvature.  All of our chair designs are created with a gentle forward slope that tilts the pelvis.  We use the world’s finest, highest density foam.  It is exceptionally firm so that your body will maintain the perfect angle with ease.  We also include a thin layer of memory foam that creates an extraordinary sense of comfort and support.

Lumbar Support

The Anahata Meditation Chair and The Rama Meditation Chair feature the best lumbar support systems in the world.  With the pelvis already tilted at the proper angle, the lumbar spine is held in place by our firm, comfortable lumbar support system.  Our lumbar support system gently presses into your lower back and encourages your lumbar spine into the perfect curvature.  The thoracic verterbrae (middle back) also finds the ideal curvature when both the sacral and lumbar vertebrae are supported.  The cervical vertebrae is also encouraged into proper alignment.

We are so passionate about meditation and we want to encourage everyone to bring a meditation practice into their lives.  It simply changes everything we know about our existence and encourages us on a path of enlightenment, presence, spiritual evolution and oneness with all of creation.   However, most people that begin a meditation practice find themselves in a battle between their mind and their body.  Simply stated, the unsupported, un-nurtured physical body will send pain impulses to the brain making it very challenging to quiet the mind.  The “meditative state or frequency” is achieved by learning to quiet the mind. It’s easier said than done and it does take dedication and practice.  We strongly believe that physical pain and discomfort do not need to be a part of the meditation experience.

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