Why a Quiet Mind?


Meditation.  What is it?  The meaning of the word “meditation” is derived from two latin words (Meditari and Mederi).  Meditari refers to the act of exercising the mind, whereas Mederi is indicative of healing. The Sanskrit derivative is “Medha” which means “Wisdom.”  Even by definition, “meditation” encompasses some very broad and non-descript concepts.  For millennia and likely beyond, meditation was practiced in various cultures throughout the history of the planet.   Even to this day, meditation permeates the far reaches of the globe and more recently surging in Western Culture over the past two centuries.  Every society, every philosophy bears it’s own dogmatic perspectives; however the intention behind meditation remains the same.  Whether Self Realization or God Realization is the goal, meditation is an ideal pathway to the proverbial promised land.  Although there are many physical benefits to practicing meditation such as relaxation, stress relief, improved focus, etc.; the true gift is wisdom.  We inevitably shift from the perspective of individuality, into a perspective of harmonious oneness. Meditation isimply stated, an inward journey to the seat of the soul.  A dedicated meditation practice can illuminate the origin of our consciousness.

We may imagine that a journey to the seat of the soul is easy however, most of us that were born into Western Culture will come face to face with our own Dogma.  Dogma by definition is a doctrine or body of doctrines concerning faith or morals formally stated and largely accepted by others as truth.  We all have our personal dogma or beliefs about our reality based on where we are born and to what culture we are raised.  Dogma can be taken a step further in regard to the spiritual path to be indicative of anything, any word, any concept that you use to define yourself, others and the world around you.  For example:  I am a mother, I am a father, I am a male, I am a female, I am good, I am bad, etc.  A person that meditates will eventually come face to face with their own dogma and simultaneously watch it dissolve from their perspective.  Everything we know about anything becomes a grand illusion as our perceived truth will have shifted.  Some find this knowledge liberating and others can find it challenging to their entire existence.  This is the reason for harmony and disharmony in the experiencer in most cases. However, this dissolution of dogmatic principles is the “doorway” to enlightenment.  Do you knock again or do you wish to hold on to your old paradigm?  It takes great courage or “heart” to knock again.

Now that the mind has been exposed as unreliable at best, the heart center or “Anahata” comes to the forefront.  When we describe heroes or those that have overcome great challenges or adversity, the primary attribute that sets them apart from the rest of humanity is their heart.  “They have heart” is a common way to describe someone who has just overcome a great challenge.  What we are really describing is their “intentional” consciousness, their persistence or their unrelenting drive to supersede circumstances.  “Heart” is truly all it takes to enter into new dimensions of reality.  A pure intention is much more of a manifesting force than talent or ability alone.  Anyone can meditate and anyone can experience enlightenment. You don’t have to be a world class Yogi or a great humanitarian.  It simply takes a lot of “heart” and a little discipline to make the time to sit. When you do decide to sit regularly, it is ideal to make sure that your body is thoroughly nurtured and supported.  We feel so humbled and honored to bring our meditation designs to the world.  When they provide love and comfort to your meditation practice, it is our greatest joy and purpose.  You will sit more frequently and absolutely more comfortably in one of our unique meditation chair designs.

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