Portable Zafu

The Wanderlust

The Wanderlust Zafu is designed to greatly enhance the sitting experience. A typical Zafu is stuffed with kapok fibers or buckwheat hulls which can degenerate over time. The Wanderlust is designed to last a lifetime! We use the finest, high density foam which rests upon a solid, hardwood base. We also incorporate a gentle anterior tilt to guide your spine into perfect alignment. A thin layer of memory foam adds to the overall comfort of the design. The Wanderlust Zafu will grace your sacred space but it is also easy to carry if you want to wander to your favorite meditation spot.

Ultimate Portability

The Wanderlust Zafu features a solid wood base with a handle to make it simple to carry.  The solid wood base creates the perfect angle to encourage your spine into proper alignment for a comfortable meditation experience.

High Density Foam

We use the world’s finest, high-density foam to maintain the perfect angle during meditation.  Our foam is very firm and will not lose it’s density over time.  We include a 1 inch layer of memory foam that creates the most amazing sensation of comfort and support.

Nest or Stack

The Wanderlust Zafus can be stacked or nested!  They are the perfect addition to zendos, yoga studios, meditation rooms, classrooms, etc.  Their unique shape allows them to be stacked or nested to save space if necessary.

Designer Fabrics

The Wanderlust Zafu features designer fabrics from around the world.  Our fabrics are hand selected for their beauty, quality and comfort.  The Wanderlust Zafu features decorative piping to highlight the curvature and elegance of the design.

The Wanderlust Zafu

360 Degree Spin

Chair Guarantee

The Wanderlust Zafu is designed and created to last a lifetime.  Each and every chair is hand-crafted by our skilled artisans in the United States of America. We incorporate a stringent quality controlled enviroment to guarantee that each and every chair that we create meets our superior standard. We use the finest, eco-friendly materials that will graciously stand the test of time.

It is our greatest honor to please you with this remarkable chair design and we look forward to exceeding your every expectation.

The Wanderlust Zafu

Priced as low as $120 in the USA

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