Mindfulness, put simply, is the intention to practice presence in every moment.  When we practice being more present with everything that we do and experience, we change our perspectives almost immediately.  Mindfulness brings us into the present moment and calling ourselves to presence can enrich every moment of our lives.


It is important to recognize some of the paramount benefits that take place when one practices mindfulness or presence.  Our favorite is compassion.  When we are present, we are infinitely more compassionate.  Compassion can raise our frequency into a more loving and harmonious vibration that resonates with the multidimensional world around us. 


We naturally learn that it is not possible to judge others, results, or happenstances in our world.  This is because we are aware of our thoughts when we practice mindfulness, and we can recognize the energy in which a thought is made manifest.  It becomes quite apparent that very few thoughts originate within our own consciousness but rather, they simply flow through us.  It is important that we are not hard on ourselves for judgmental thoughts as they will eventually dissolve as we recognize their origin.


We become more patient when we are present.  Imagine being aware of your rhythmic breathing and feeling every sensation as the air moves in and out of your lungs.  It is almost impossible to be impatient when we are mindful. 


As we become more mindful in everyday life, being aware of each moment, our preconceived ideas that we have been taught throughout our lives begin to wane.  Dogmatic perspectives seem to dissolve right before our eyes.  This can be a little scary but ultimately, it is extremely liberating. 


We learn to trust ourselves on a very deep level.  When we are present, our awareness is greatly illuminated, and we become confident in our own perceptions.  Most people do not practice mindfulness, so it is very easy to recognize when a person is caught up in the illusions of life.  Of course, we recognize this with compassion and non-judgment as we fully understand that we were once exactly like this. 


When we are present, we tend to stop forcing our agenda when there is resistance.  It is not a conscious act but more of a feeling or recognition of the energy that may be creating this resistance.  Consequently, we naturally yield to a more compassionate nature. 

Letting Go

Finally, we learn to let go of anything that does not serve our highest purpose.  The main reason for this is that we can recognize this through presence.  It becomes very natural and comfortable to gravitate towards higher states of being.