Meditation Chairs Align Your Spine

Meditation Chairs from Zen By Design have been hand-crafted with love in The USA since 2001. We use the finest materials in the world and our talented artisans consistently meet our superior quality standards.  When you purchase a meditation chair or The Tantra Chair ® from Zen By Design, you can expect the very best in both form and function. Thank you for visiting with us and we hope to have the opportunity to exceed your every expectation.

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Anahata Meditation Chair
Samurai Meditation Chair

Made In USA

Zen By Design was established in 2001 with the intention of bringing more comfort and harmony to your meditation practice. Our meditation seats and meditation furniture are handcrafted in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA with the finest, eco-friendly materials to provide you with a healthy and comfortable sitting experience. We are deeply inspired to create meditation chairs that nurture your entire body throughout the course of your life. If you are comfortable, you will be encouraged to meditate more often and for longer periods of time. The first obstacle we always face in the pursuit of meditation practice is physical discomfort. Our bodies are simply not used to staying still in a seated position for long periods of time. We often experience pain and discomfort in our bodies which obviously distracts us from our ability to quiet the mind. Our ergonomically designed meditation furniture will provide you with a gentle sacral tilt along with a stellar back support system that ultimately encourages a longer, more harmonious meditation experience. We feel so honored to have created meditation chairs for tens of thousands of meditators and spiritual practitioners around the world throughout our 21-year history.

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