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A meditation chair can elevate your meditation practice exponentially by creating a comfortable, healthy, nurturing back support system for your body.  We have been designing and creating the world’s finest meditation chairs since our inception in 2001 and we have helped thousands of meditators worldwide increase their comfort levels and enhance their meditation practice.  Each meditation chair is handcrafted in The United States of America.  We are also the originators of the world-renowned Tantra Chair ®.  If meditation is a part of your life or if you plan on incorporating a meditation practice into your life, a meditation chair is an essential, life-changing tool.

The intention of most meditators around the world is to refine and master the art of quieting the mind.  There are many ways or techniques that we use to successfully quiet the mind.  Some meditators use Mantras (sacred sounds or vibrations) such as “Ohm Mani Padme Hum”.  Other meditation practitioners may listen to calming music or gaze into beautiful sacred symbols or Mandalas.  Although the ability to quiet the mind and reach heightened states of consciousness is the intention, there can be many unnecessary stumbling blocks along the way.  One of the most challenging aspects of meditation is sitting comfortably for prolonged periods of time.  This is where we shine.

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Align Your Spine

The primary reason most people will be uncomfortable during meditation is because their spine is not properly aligned.  When your spine is not aligned and supported, your body will do everything it can to let you know that it is not happy.  You may experience muscle spasms, joint pain, cramping, low back pain, neck and shoulder discomfort, headaches and so forth.  The discomfort levels vary from person to person however, the primary cause for all of this discomfort is an unsupported spine.  How can we possibly reach quiet states of mind when we are distracted by our bodies?  It’s nearly impossible!  So how do we get around this?  What can be done to align the spine?  The answer to these questions begins with one simple solution and that is to tilt the pelvis forward when seated in meditation.  If you can tilt your pelvis forward, your spine aligns at the very base allowing the natural curvature of your sacral, thoracic and cervical vertebrae to follow suit.  Our meditation chairs are designed to do this perfectly for you.  In addition to the anterior pelvic tilt, Zen By Design Meditation Chairs provide you with an incredible and uparalled back support system.  When you combine these two principles, you will surely get a refined meditation sitting experience.  Our meditation chairs alleviate any pain and discomfort and encourage you to sit harmoniously for extended periods of time.

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