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“Nirvana” is a name which pops up, ever so often, in conversations of rock/grunge music fans, intellectuals, and those wannabe intellectuals. The meaning of Nirvana (not the band) can be found in Buddhism and Hinduism and is basically the beatitudes which transcend the cycle of suffering and rebirth. Or in other words, Nirvana is a … Continued

Meditation Mantra

While meditation is often referred to as the practice of tuning out of everyday strife by relaxing the mind and body, the fact is that meditation is actually used to tune in and get in touch with our inner selves at both a spiritual and personal level. “Mantra” is an ancient word that can be … Continued

Buddha Statue

The Buddha

Calmer than anyone anywhere, the Indian Sage Siddhartha Gautama became known as “The Buddha” by practically inventing pacifism. Born a rich prince and into a life of luxury, the young Gautama bailed on his birthright and all the trappings that came along with society and decided to go on his own journey. Initially, Buddhism made … Continued

Monk walking towards the lake

Zen Koan

As human beings, part of our nature is to be the best in whatever it is we do. Our constantly questioning mind is what has helped us evolve through the centuries and is responsible for placing at the top of the food chain. Since our deepest emotions are buried within the fabric of our constant … Continued

Pink Lotus Flower

The Eightfold Path

“The Eightfold Path” is basically a guide for adherents of Buddhism to follow, practice and explore. It is considered as one of the most common Buddhist traditions, which is still taught and practiced by secular Buddhists as well. The important teaching of the ‘The Eightfold Path’ allows its followers to free themselves from all desires, … Continued

middle-aged man meditating outdoors

Meditation Effects

Meditation has been used for calming the mind and improving a person’s well-being for centuries. Everybody knows that reducing stress levels has a dramatic impact on a person’s overall health and all it takes is concentration and a bit of time. Some of the benefits of daily meditation are the reversal of DNA damage, a … Continued