What is Kundalini?

Many of us have never heard of the word “Kundalini” and even fewer of us have ever experienced its full potential.  Kundalini can be described as untapped energy that exists within all of us.  It lives at the base of the spine and when activated, rises through all of our chakras.  It is an extremely powerful sensation when experienced fully and it can be activated by way of pure intention, meditation, or even spontaneously at times.  Some people experience fractionalized or partial Kundalini in their everyday lives without even realizing it. For example, an athlete under extreme pressure to win or to perform at their very best may activate a small amount of Kundalini to supersede their circumstances.  In athletics, we refer to this as “being in the zone” which feels like you are operating at a higher level than everyone else.  All senses are alive and illuminated as your performance is greatly enhanced.  You may have never heard of Kundalini, but this is what is working within your consciousness to bring you into higher awareness.  Although being “in the zone” is a wonderful and powerful experience, it simply can’t hold a candle to a full kundalini awakening.

Freight Train

A full Kundalini experience is often referred to as a “freight train” of powerful energy moving through your body or a “volcano erupting” inside of you.  These descriptions are quite accurate, and the feeling can be uncomfortable, scary at times, and even painful to the physical body.  However, once you become used to your Kundalini rising, it becomes a most beautiful and transcendental experience.  Some describe this awakening as “understanding divinity” or “experiencing divinity.”  Obviously, there is no accurate way to describe this experience properly with words as it is far, far beyond description.


We often hear the word “ego” when we discuss spiritual concepts.  When our Kundalini is awakened within us, our egos tend to dissolve rapidly if not immediately during these experiences.  This can be frightening as even slow ego dissolution can be extremely challenging for most of us.  It is important to know and understand that Kundalini, sometimes referred to as “Prana” is our life force and everyone and everything that we see in our world, embodies this beautiful energy, even inanimate, seemingly lifeless objects.  As conscious beings, we can nurture this energy and evolve into a more loving, spiritual existence, that not only transforms us, but brings more love and harmony to our paradigm.  The path to awakening may be challenging but the fruit it bears is worth the journey.