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Elegant Meditation Chairs & Meditation Furniture

Welcome to Zen By Design

We are deeply honored by your visit and welcome you to explore our unique and beautiful meditation chairs.  Zen By Design was established in 2001 with the “soul” intention of bringing more comfort to your meditation practice and tremendously enriching your sitting experience.  Our meditation chair designs and tables are hand-crafted with solid maple wood and we use the finest, eco, human, pet friendly, non- toxic finishes to provide you with a safe sitting experience.  We are deeply inspired to create meditation chairs that are not only exceptionally comfortable, but will provide you with a stellar support system that encourage a longer, more harmonious meditation experience.   We create this stellar support system by incorporating a gentle sacral tilt that initiates perfect spinal alignment at the very base of your spine.  We then integrate an adjustable lumbar support that not only supports your lower back, but it guides your thoracic and cervical spine into proper alignment as well.  Not only do our chairs guide you into perfect spinal alignment, but they maintain this position for you with no effort at all.  A perfectly aligned spine is vital to achieving optimum comfort levels but moreover, a perfectly aligned spine allows the natural Chi Energy to flow freely throughout your body.  For meditation practitioners, this is paramount.

Perfect Spinal Alignment is Essential For a Prolonged & Comfortable Meditation Practice.


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Comments & Testimonials

  • Our Bodhi Chairs just arrived and we are blown away by the beauty and comfort of these little chairs. Everything about them from the beautiful finish to the brilliant textiles has thoroughly impressed us.  We bow in deep gratitude.

    MJ and Sofia - Jackson Hole, WY