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Meditation Chairs

Elegant Meditation Chairs & Meditation Furniture

Welcome to Zen By Design

Meditation Chairs can greatly enhance your meditation practice! Zen By Design was established in 2001 with the intention of bringing more comfort to your meditation practice.  Our meditation chairs are handcrafted in The USA with solid maple wood and we use the finest, eco, human, pet friendly materials to provide you with a safe sitting experience.  We are deeply inspired to create meditation chairs that are exceptionally comfortable and will provide you with a stellar back support, body support system that encourage a longer, more harmonious meditation experience.   We create this stellar back support system by incorporating a gentle sacral tilt that initiates perfect spinal alignment at the very base of your spine.  We then integrate a lumbar spine support that not only supports your lower back, but it guides your thoracic and cervical spine into proper alignment as well.  Not only do our chairs guide you into perfect spinal alignment, they keep you there.  A perfectly aligned spine is vital to achieving optimum comfort levels but moreover, a perfectly aligned spine allows the natural Chi Energy to flow freely throughout your body.  For meditation practitioners, this is paramount.

Perfect Spinal Alignment is Essential For a Prolonged & Comfortable Meditation Practice!  There are many ways to sit when we meditate but most of us find that we get uncomfortable after a short period of time when sitting in traditional poses like the full lotus position.  The intention of all meditation practicioners is to move beyond the body but it can be quite difficult to do if we are feeling painful sensations while trying to quiet the mind.  The half lotus, quarter lotus or Burmese positions are much less difficult for most meditators but all are prone to be uncomfortable over time without the proper support system. Our meditation chairs are designed to enhance all meditation postures from full lotus to burmese by creating and encouraging perfect spinal alignment.  If you can align your spine from the very base and gently support your lumbar spine, the thoracic and cervical vertebrae will naturally be guided into perfect alignment.  This is the primary focus of our meditation chairs.